Londo - Biron
Londo - Biron

Londo - Biron

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Londo Collection uses batik cloth that was inspired by the batik creations from the workshops led by Dutch Indo-European ladies that flourished in the early 19th century Java. Franquemont, Van Zuylen and Oosterom, became household names that bring in European-style realism painting influence into batik textiles. Batik motifs, such as buketan (a bouquet of flowers) and batik legenda (folklores on batik painting), emerge during this period of innovation. They also started the movement to put a signature at the corner of their creation to show authenticity and brand ownership.

Londo Collection is aNERDstore’s first in-house collection that combines art with fashion. Every individual piece in this collection is unique because the cloth is cut according to the “painting” on the cloth instead of using pattern templates with standard size measurements.

Size Chart (Bust x Waist x Hip in inches):
S   34" x 30" x 38"
M  36" x 31" x 40"
L    38" x 32" x 42"
XL  40" x 33" x 44"
XXL 42" x 34" x 46"

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