Batik Simbut DIY Kit
Batik Simbut DIY Kit
Batik Simbut DIY Kit

Batik Simbut DIY Kit

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Want to make your own batik? Get your creative juices flowing with our DIY Batik Kit!

This kit is designed based on Indonesian Batik Simbut, an old textile dye resist technique using glutinous rice paste. Materials that you require to complete this project will be included, including:

  • A medium of your choice: cotton cloth with wooden frame or a sandwich bag;
  • Dye resist in an applicator bottle;
  • A set of batik dyes (three primary colours, black and white);
  • A paint brush and a palette;
  • Lifetime access to online instructions and resources;
  • Email support.

Hot wax, that is often associated with batik, will be replaced with a "cold wax" that is non-toxic, perfect for the little ones to learn about batik and dye-resist in a simple and safe manner.

Get a kit now and start exploring the art of dye-resist!

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