Crystal Deodorant w/ Batik Pouch

Crystal Deodorant w/ Batik Pouch

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Deodorant / Aftershave / pimple healer. Hardworking like a good NERD.

Known for its properties to inhibit the growth of bacteria responsible for bad odour, tawas / alum block has been used as a deodorant worldwide for ages. While it retards the surface bacteria growth, it does not clog the pores and, hence, allows sweating naturally. (Sweating is good!) Colourless and odorless, it does not leave a stain on your clothes (Bonus!) Main ingredient: potassium aluminum sulphate salt.

Alum block has antiseptic and astringent qualities to heal minor cuts. It is, therefore, also often used as an aftershave treatment to stop bleeding of shave cuts by constricting blood vessels and to kill any germs. Not only it sterilizes the skin, it also acts as a balm to soothe razor burn. Also works well against pimply skin!

Alum Block by aNERDstore is 100% pure alum without any additional ingredients and it comes in a batik pouch for easy transport. Batik pouch will be sent randomly. DM us on Instagram after ordering if you want to see what's available, we will do our best to accommodate.

How to use: Run it under water for a few seconds and rub moistened bar onto skin (face for aftershave and/or armpits/ sole of feet)

Read more in detail: here.

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